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july seventeenth twenty second surround your park. interactive exhibition. forum dot com. it's world cup day twelve and the final games in group b. have just got underway with spain portugal and iran hoping to reach the last sixteen playing has been decided with mixed emotions the russian fans may qualify despite a disappointing defeat but it's jubilant that you reply and their supporters. i. i i. mean while saudi arabia gets a late winner against egypt in their final game of the tournament but it is a moment to remember for the egyptian goalkeeper debuting at forty five years old. and away from the football does leave an informal summit on the migrant crisis
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empty handed amid a growing round between several member states. it's nine pm and you're watching all t international live from moscow with mina david today welcome to the program other headline news a little later but first to our coverage of monday's world cup matches with neil harvey and peter schmeichel. although. we have but none of us like to. be. just the way it is going to get. them against the run off a lot of play for both of those matches between a close eye as we talk to you those are the pictures. qualified from this group spain need to point. need
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a victory and nothing less thanks portugal. how do you see this form playing out i don't want to push you for predictions but if you if i have to say pushy for two names who will be the two teams to get three i think portugal and spain. because they are the quality sides we produce on the because you know i keep saying that spain's got the best squad of players i think they've got the best team has performed best so far portugal they've got rinaldo their european champions her and european champions they know how to win they know how to get results. and this is what they need today both of those teams they they need results iran finds himself in in unchartered territory they've never been in this situation before and even know that carlos cares the iranian. coach has done tremendously well with the team in and have them organized fantastically well. i think it's still a big task for them to to win this game against portugal he looks i think it's fair
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to say slightly nervous which is just sort of what we've got but we've got the game on hearing and there you have to say there was a does a very close up picture of him here and he looked like we remember that he is he is portuguese himself and as i was telling you that. portugal had a chance and guess who. else is out of a nasty big question has care says experience of managing the portugal team of managing but now that i've. given him enough inside knowledge as to how to stop him . and it's early stages yet but for now the look says free is usually just they must be very hard to stop a play like that must be countless teams have tried to man marking maybe even double team him but his movements on saturday could sell to something like i don't know those he's he's a big lad he's he's physically very very strong this is a guy that he trains at least four times a day and it shows on your own you have to see years. underwear commercials to know
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that he said every failure that is quick you know is really quick and he's very very good with the bow and his feet so he can run it speed with the pole and he still you go on the chance you just had a fall event in players around him and still managed to get a shot in him and that's just the quality of the players and for me he is the most in the best player and the most productive player that we have in the world this moment in time he wants us go up salute is sure that he is sitting out today to score so he can come at least. up next to harry kane on five goals and he would want to score more than one time so when the group phase is over and people look at the golden boot list but for santa or now this name is on top so he's got something to play for that that that's what she is you know part of his d.n.a. that he has is perfectionism that he wants to be the best at everything at any time and it seems he plays for
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a very successful largely because of the coach will take another point to do then they would say no and the worst settle for that's a similar situation for spain but again you would expect they can be pushing quite hard for the victory that. spending gets morocco as of this already but they are only in very narrowly defeated thing on the results they had a good question playing but can see again it's not a nice place if it's not an easy match based on those performances for spain but i know you're actually spain found you know as we talk about iran won their game against a lot of the one and one nil but this go to the ninety fifth minute. to win that game. and they will feel really really hard done by by this with this result they've got something to prove. mostly for themselves that they're not a patsy as we talked about before it takes a long time to qualify for the world cup it takes an awful long time once you qualify to prepare you so. often if you come into the group face and you play the
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first game you lose and then four or five days later you lose again then basically in five days you will cups over and that's happened to morocco so take some pressure off the thing mentally for the morocco players who could that be celebrated perhaps play with more freedom with more confidence and i see this can't go two ways you can do you can either spur them on and say oh we've got to leave the world cup with with our are intact or with it or with a three point win and a really good performance oh it could go the other way so we don't care we don't care and you know get humiliated we've seen we've seen both in many occasions and we just have to wait and see. spain on the other hand you know what can you say unbelievable team unbelievable players playing also as you just turn it on i received the arrow just lost it sent on the spanish engine and let it just don't expect that spain is played really well that the fact they only have four points
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after it you games is largely down to an hour again to spain day absolutely patch of portugal the first game put there now though somehow managed to score three goals and that's why the game ended three three it was a fantastic angel watch it was very exciting in and spain played really well and you have to remember or you remember what they did two days before the work of saddam two days before they played this game against portugal look at ziggy was sacked his manager was sacked and that all this financial. care was was a. bit of replacing him and his first training session with it seemed was the day before the game against portugal so everything was up in you have by then and still they managed to go out there and perform really well scored three goals and know normally that would be and that would be enough we saw christian around the school from from a free kick who saw a very. unusual mistake. to say which also was.
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a rebel ago when the songs were on penalties and these are things that you can become god yourself against we can prepare for the just incidents that happens in a game and when you up against the best player in the world well he takes advantage of it just seen a run have a chance so they come with some attack and intent most of the ball seems to be going for schools where i didn't buy you peter slightly distracting when we're working but pleasant at the same time because the vuvuzela is a blowing an awful lot of drums banging and chance from behind the fans have been absolutely amazing and i want to bring in now the story of one reigning lady we followed right from the very beginning around packing a bag looking for to the tournament she's arrived now she's having a great time will she be celebrating tonight let's find out how her twenty eight thousand russian experience has been. i imagine russia was going to be hot and
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i felt a lot of like one was. a triple door she's famous for being cold so it's good to be just in states like you don't need it. and leaving that. brazil must be if you fall it was good here is like three levels of percival it was very easy to travel everywhere. i came out of anything. ready to. go. this year was done. through you find. them really. yeah he.
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was. easy not to mention i want to look up i believe it was. he was funny he was completely i was i was i was a was like a was a girl that. was really. you. got to go got. i take a look now at the green bay action these are the matches that we played earlier on a year ago i have ended top of group a they secured a three nothing win over the world cup house so you have to monsanto here are the
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highlights of the i guess up i was the only was up i was absent last season and i knew it was a bad game forcing somare he was gauging the fans about. yeah
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the last stream of just coming from. behind me a lot of. busking in the glory really of the three no win over the local side and history was made you can't blame them really for wanting to soak up every last drop because for all the world cups you're. never topped a group stage group by winning all three games they've put to bed and really did have a long day at the russian fans here i got here in early. six o'clock in the evening kickoff i was speaking to some fans and they were saying they had been here since the morning time. repeating there was a real scythe american flavor mixed with russian expectancy was quite a mix really when i got here. talking into the arena behind me making it
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one of the largest if not the largest much i have ever experienced personally it was quite crazy. some of the fans i was speaking to weren't even up the game rushing. here from some or a city center which is a sizable drive away it's run a twenty minute drive saying that they're really just wanted to experience what would be some moral greatest ever sporting event because it's usually most. huge games and here they are with their host nation playing your apply to top of the world cup and both the russian on your a go i phones can of course look forward to last sixteen football as they move on to the next round and these are some of the scenes all. celebrating the victory earlier.
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i. i so the dream goes on for both sets of. teams as well i suspect the party into the early hours here in summer. russia twenty eight hundred has been a world cup of quite a few surprises so far could this be another one gulf last just come in morocco have taken the lead against spain we discussed this morocco performed pretty well despite losing both their only much she's won nothing fernando yaro only third match in charge of spain how will he react does he have the experience and the knowledge he certainly got the players who were following that all very closely but as it stands it's looking perilous at the moment for spain in a very very finely balanced group based on its win portugal and iran let's go back to that group a action in saudi arabia and to deny egypt their first victory of the world cup
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they left it very late to score in both hearts and there was an extremely big moment for one of the egyptian players because. darby was making his debut. he's forty five so i was one of making his debut became the oldest ever player at any position in the world cup and to boot he saved a penalty on his debut check that out one of the highlights in this round of the goal action. i. i i i . and in case you weren't aware this is being held in the biggest country on the
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planet and you follow me to ride with the found he was driving to everything. so he's one of the ninety five seats for this world cup in my hand today we're going to meet a very keen football fan site team in fact he sides to drive between more eleven high cities and this will become his name down briefly into the civil rights it makes here in russia. how many days on the right for his thoughts keep trying to be honest it's a time in which you feel slightly makes the motion so i saw it is a fairly obvious one but i don't have a great selection of music that's my main problem i've only got a five or six c.d.c. it's a very different sort of atmosphere really i like being on my own sometimes you had time to think but there's a limit to how much i can be on my own basically i.e.
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i stay with friends when i can have a few friends in michigan no good job in moscow i'm here in sochi and occasionally a motel by the side of the road they're actually very good very cheap very efficient twenty four hour food wife boats will spend probably half the nights in the car just recline the front seats and hope nobody dystocia. i'm too emotionally attached but karl i already loved it but now it's just it's something that is it's kept a roof over my head literally so i don't think i could but it's a part of it anymore i started a catcher and drove to catch him but then. volgograd russia stealth crosses two days ago and so five cities so fall six to go i'm going to try to. get my son straight up but in the country where i'm living. i just could have
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missed the opportunity to do something different and i thought well i'm never going to visit all eleven cities again in one go but next part is the most difficult part i'll be doing some mara for russia and your require you to some are at the moscow moscow kaliningrad i'll have to draw if you lift the right i'm glad just to get there. but yeah that's the most ambitious and then all the way back to just in time for the not going. off that are the last two weeks will be a bit easier i know moscow st petersburg some forward some people in england won't believe it but i did an estimate i really think about six hundred times that will cover my entire travel expenses for. the whole month. it is a pyro third the price of the petrol back home is five promises to be known for the other sixteen thousand nine hundred ninety five i think i might need it i think you will have the best it's been great thank you very much no problem i'd. say that
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sets off the stuff you really does typify disney enthusiasm and the madness of fans at least well andrey pharma ferrazzi something. ok we'll be keeping a close eye on christiane of rinaldo where he has made his mark gets in this around portugal game but he has scored all four of portugal's goal so far the twenty eight team world cup his efforts put enjoying second in the golden boot table with only harry kane having scored more and we spoke to the creators of a documentary film that's been dedicated to the portuguese legend to try and find out what it was like to make the man himself. was so much better than the ability. to shoot. them with the best player in the world me. people hate me. some people love me straight assume there are lots of people who
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don't like him and there are lots of people who absolutely adore him and so that stuff makes for an interesting subject and when we did meet him we were surprise you know he's very small he's very particular and he's a good talker he knows people. like him he's very aware about you music he projects he plays to it he enjoys it he's like the you know the bad guy wrestler he doesn't mind playing that role he's quite the sort of uses him that people feel that way because i think he feels like that's you know that the run out of that you see that goes out into the pitch and strong so you know it's not really who he is the film is more than just about him it's actually smith's advice family is relationship with his family it's a price will issue. it's about how they have all come up through this kind of the ranks if you like and the story of that show you know we see what they did till she
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broke understand she. is so you. know i mean to me. the most important it's friends and family are. actually different sides of this character and he's more complex and he's more compassionate sympathetic and down to earth and this is the kind of the make up of his life he wants to pop out his chest lead out the t. he wants the last minute penalty he wants a last minute free kid you know that's that's what kind of drawings him. but he's not necessarily right at home with his kids with his you know with his family and he's very different characters are. doing. ok we've got to go for you spain have just equalized against the rock america taking it shortly buthe i remember spain need a point from this that they feel the way out of the world cup if things go against them. the other match he played tonight though will have come spanish nerves and
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sickly financial year zero remember he's new to management he won't want to team any difficulties at this early stage of the competition warm warm still very balanced nil nil seem portugal around a long way to go in both these matches of course on goals but still come for it. now joining me in our studio sale the sons of clovis acosta finance. brazil's most famous fan for twenty five years plus followed the brazilian national team watching them play in more than one hundred fifty games sadly his last major tournament was the disappointment of brazil falling short on home soil in twenty fourteen when the host defeated seven one by germany but it is nonetheless a great honor to franken gustavo damask a no i haven't got the pronunciation right perfect frank the star bowed out i want to you know risky taking your hands of this precious looking trophy first of all what is this and why do you graces with this
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presence amazing in. your own personal copy. yeah this history is very beautiful our father earn dystrophy from good friend in brazil and he decided to carry by the road during the words and during their world cup in two thousand to ban in korea. get a little bit famous and the rest of the story i think the people know the cross was unlike many many newspapers and. internet in the world what was it about your father that people took to so quickly what made him so popular. maybe it's the passion i think the passion to cheer about our national team with love this is the main reason because it's what are you doing here like cheering you flow of and carry this passion through this amazing country that is russia that you love. for the people and the country. really amazing.
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sixteen days spanning here. no words to say about like we're now what we are right here on the top of the cd if you like it's unbelievable unbelievable people always talk about passion of brazil fans so despite you used to you know passionate football fans you've been impressed. by russians yes yes. we don't imagine that this passion of the russian people would be like this and we are extremely happy because everyone is treating was very well asking if we need feeling how can i help you in the streets all the time in the metro even in a taxi it's being like a magic. in love. have you been to the most famous street since the world cup again which is behind us which is where fans from move the different nations thinking
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thoughts i thin of been blending in we had the opportunity to go there yes yes yes how did you enjoy that because that is the will cup in one street everybody together yes yes partially when you when you be down at the streets. we couldn't walk when the through fields outside like we couldn't walk because. many peaker and many people come to say oh we really love what you are doing we are together. keep growing it's just beautiful things and their forwards it's the magic and i have to say this is what it's all about to lift the actual trophy how do you rate this is chances i mean they started with some good results maybe not the best performances can you do. i think this is not the our best moment the national team but. if you pass the next day man.
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reached a qualifying i think you can can be near to the rio one but used to say that this one. most people piece and the backs to. get good look to us is a good look i feel. everybody who went to. this once for england good to get that for the big boys but there you go and this is really good very good well england could play brazil would not be some good guys just might say thanks so much for coming in and i'm sure that your fault is watching down with great pride and smiling both the at the performances of the team and also to see you both here and enjoying will cup matches which is what it was all about was an amazing amazing us really appreciate just appreciate it thanks a lot thanks guys a good ok and it's always an honor to have you guys with us i just want to. just bring you up to date still gonna seem portugal around one one spain morocco is
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beautifully balanced peter schmeichel be back with me and the next now said you will about the action. you know world is a big part of the mob and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops
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the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is off and spearing dramatic development only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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welcome back to the r.t. new center with mina dear a tutor for your global first the. appeared to be struggling to heart a joint strategy for dealing with immigration to the block on sunday there was a hastily convened sixteen nation mini summit and attacking the issue but rather than producing any concrete solutions it actually served to underscore existing divisions. we're putting forth a completely new proposal that aims to overcome the double regulation we want to tackle the problem in a structural way public opinion is asking for this. this we know that add the european council and fortunately we will not get a comprehensive solution to the migration problem and that is why by or trilateral agreements are mutually beneficial. on this issue france will take no lessons from anyone this year we're the second country taking in the most asylum seekers' the values of europe
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a respect for human and individual rights everyone agreed. in the need to have the european commission. a common responsibility to the common challenge. court examines the points of contention that are fueling the animosity between some e.u. members. europe is very divided over the migration crisis and any agreements that are made between the e.u. member states are bound to be met with contradiction agreed the czech republic slovakia and poland they outright refused to attend today's summit they said it was a power move by merkel to control their domestic political situation and then you have other countries that are refusing to take in migrants outright italy last week refused a migrant vessel that was forced to land in spain while just a couple days ago malta also refused to another migrant vessel and you know these actions they're not going on no to.


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